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Opening Match - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia vs Saudi Arabia

Opening Match - 2018 FIFA World Cup:
Russia vs Saudi Arabia
Tonight, 22.00 WIB (GMT/UTC+7)
Live on..
- Trans TV (Xcrypt)
- RRI (Fta, audio only)
- RTM TV2 Malaysia (TandbergV1)
- Astro FWC (Fly, Scam)
- Liga HD and Liga SD (PowerVu)
- ABS CBN Sports Action SD (PowerVu)
- CTN, CNC, and MyTV Cambodia (Biss)
- TV Lao 1 HD and TV Lao 2 HD (Biss)
- Skynet Sports 6 and Skynet Sports HD (Fly, Scam)
- MRTV Entertainment (Fta, will be encrypted with Biss)
- VTV6 HD and VTV6 SD (TandbergV1)
- HTV9, HTV1, and HTV4 (Fta, will be encrypted)
- Amarin TV HD and SD (Biss)
- ATV CH5 SD and Thai TV5 HD (Biss)
- True4U SD and HD* (Biss)
*HD version active only for live telecast
- (Prediction) BTV National (Biss)
- Kantipur TV HD (Fta, will be encrypted)
- (Prediction) NTV Nepal (Fta, will be encrypted)
- Sony ESPN SD (PowerVu)
- Sony Ten 2 HD and SD (Fly, Scam)
- PTV Sports (Biss)
- (Prediction) Ten Sports Pakistan (PowerVu)
- YES HD and SD, TVM HD and SD (Fta, will be encrypted)
- SBS and SBS HD Australia (Fta, multistream mode only)
- Optus Sports 1 HD (Fly, Scam)
- EMTV Papua New Guinea (Fta, will be encrypted)
- (Prediction) TVNZ ENC2 (Biss)
- Fiji TV 01 (Biss)
- CCTV5 and CCTV5 HD (Fly, Scam)
- (Prediction) XJTV5 (Fta)
- Kwese Free Sports (Biss)
- Mediaset Italia (Scam)
- RTS 1 Serbia (Fta)
- AFN Sports 2 HD (PowerVu)
- HD feed on Yamal 202 (Biss, 4:2:2, DVBS2)

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